We've never seen a clam like this.

Big Fossilized Clam
Credit: facebook.com/CapeLookoutNPS

Seashell enthusiast? There's quite the sight to behold on the Cape Lookout National Seashore. This past weekend, Cape Lookout National Seashore's Facebook page shared some impressive specimens they collected along the beach. "The large storm waves during Dorian were strong enough to pick up and carry over the sand bars some of the largest shells," the post reads. "Large whelks and other shells can be found on the beaches to the delight of our shelling visitors."

Interestingly, the clam is now classified as a fossilized shell since minerals have replaced the materials the clam once created for its shell and the species is believed to be related to the modern clam species of the edible Quahog clam. Park officials do not know if the actual species is currently seen alive in the sea or not.

The massive clam is certainly an unusual find. "It was found after Hurricane Dorian along with many others. The strong storm waves brought a lot of the larger shells in," Park Ranger Karen Duggan told the McClatchy news group for an article in the Charlotte Observer. "We do find shells of this size and age every so often on the beach, brought in by other storms or sometimes uncovered in the beach sands by the stronger storm waves... Most of our visitors do not realize just what they are seeing."

Big Fossilized Clam 2
Credit: facebook.com/CapeLookoutNPS

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What do you think of this impressively large clamshell? Tell us: What's the coolest kind of shell you've ever seen wash up on the beach?