It's hard being a kid!
It's a boy
Credit: Mike Kemp/Getty Images

Two-year-old Lulu Castle of Virginia Beach, Virginia had a strong reaction to finding out she was getting a little brother—and that's putting it lightly.

Lulu's mom Natalia shared a hilarious photo of the moment the "feisty" toddler found out she's going to be a big sister, and spoiler alert: it's far from picture perfect. The snap shows Lulu in the throes of a tantrum at the base of a chalkboard easel boasting the impending arrival of her baby brother. "She didn't take the news so well. But we can't wait!" Natalia captioned the photo on Facebook.

As the likes and shares rolled in, people praised Natalia for her honest portrayal of parenting's less-than-perfect moments.

"Let's just say Lulu enjoys getting all the attention," Natalia told ABC News, adding that she had attempted to scribble over the announcement with chalk moments before the photo was taken.

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Although Lulu doesn't fully understand her mom's pregnancy, any mention of the new baby never fails to set her off. "She thrives off of routine and she's happiest when she gets time with me and her dad at once. Family time is huge for us so we'll just keep trying to give her our best and hope that makes for a smooth transition," Natalia told ABC News. "So much of parenthood is adjusting to the bumps as best you can. It's our job to just remind her that any new addition just equals more love. It doesn't take away from anything."

Despite her strong reaction, Lulu's parents are confident she'll be a good big sister, though Natalia said she can "see her telling him to pull the dog's tail or helping him climb out of his crib."

Isn't that what big sisters are for?