Look familiar?

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Dust off those old Precious Moments figurines you've got laying around—one of them might be worth big bucks!

Collectors across the country are in a tizzy after reports that one sculpture in particular has been valued at upwards of $2,000. The figurine in question, "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver," is one of the original 21 Precious Moments collectibles released in 1979. The cute piece depicts a little girl standing beside a cart filled with puppies while holding a sign that reads "Free Puppies." Sound familiar?

Originally the sculpture retailed for a modest $15, but Today reports that it's currently selling on Amazon and eBay for hundreds of dollars. Paul Burton, a spokesperson for Woolvey Fine Antiques & Collectibles, told Today that although he's seen the coveted figurine listed for more than $2,000, the vast majority are selling between $100 and $500. Either way, he says it's the most valuable item in the Precious Moments collection.

"There really isn't another stand-out I can think of that would be close to this price," Burton said.

Unfortunately, like most collectibles, even the smallest chip can reduce the item's price. So whether or not you decide to hold onto it or sell it, remember to handle it with utmost care. There's hundreds of dollars on the line.