Louisiana and Kentucky's same selection totally shocked us!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 05, 2018

Are your parents lamenting registries where — gasp — couples ask for honeymoon activities in lieu of blue fluted china? Fear not, popular registy site, Zola, combines the best of both worlds by allowing couples to create their wish lists for both tea cups and tea plantation tours in Sri Lanka in one place. Now, they've released a list of the most popular wedding gifts in every state in America based on couples registered on the site with a 2018 wedding date. Here's how the South broke down:

From potato-bacon hash to fancy grilled cheeses, this practical gift has couples covered for dinner for years to come.

Who doesn't love a relaxing soak in the tub?

KitchenAid makes every culinary task better.

Floridians love their skillet suppers, too!

Peach State residents are belting out that "Midnight Train to Georgia."

Ready to create the perfect vibe for a backyard Kentucky Derby soirée?

Folks from Louisiana are setting up shop for crawfish boils.

Set the table for newlywed bliss.

These reusable wine caps keeps the good times rolling...into tomorrow night.

We love this colorful set.

Can't go wrong with chic bath towels.

Okies have a soft spot for waffles.

Just like their neighboring state, Palmetto State couples must love singing in the shower.

Breakfast in bed, too, Tennessee? Try our best-ever fluffy buttermilk waffles.

Like North Carolina dwellers, Texans also love these absorbent accessories.

Dust won't fly in the Old Dominion.

West Virginia: Capabunga Custom Cap

Cheers to happily ever after!