The results may surprise you.

Aloe Vera Plant
Credit: 200mm/Getty Images

Houseplants, how we love thee. But not all greenery is adored equally — and it's interesting to see what nooks in the South prefer, say, poinsettias over peace lilies.

Recently, Next Day Blinds shared a blog post revealing the most Googled houseplants by state and here's how things broke down in the South:

  • Alabama: Aloe Vera
  • Arkansas: Aloe Vera
  • Delaware: Poinsettia
  • D.C.: Snake Plant
  • Florida: Bromeliad
  • Georgia: Aloe Vera
  • Kentucky: Elephant Ear
  • Louisiana: Easter Cactus
  • Maryland: Aloe Vera
  • Mississippi: Aloe Vera
  • Missouri: Resurrection Plant
  • North Carolina: Peace Lily
  • Oklahoma: Aloe Vera
  • South Carolina: Poinsettia
  • Tennessee: Peace Lily
  • Texas: Aloe Vera
  • Virginia: Aloe Vera
  • West Virginia: Elephant Ear

Clearly, people in our region of the country love Aloe Vera. Personally, we're all about growing poinsettias so they'll re-bloom for Christmas.

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Share with us: What's your favorite houseplant? Does the most searched for houseplant in your state match your number one pick?