Dethrone Frosé wine as your summertime BFF.
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Picture this: You're reclining blissfully in a pool float in the middle of the lake this summer when you finish your book, and that pile of magazines you wanted to tackle next is sitting on the dock.  Sitting on the dock, far, far away. Alas, the sun is high, your energy is low, and the idea of paddling yourself back to the shore seems daunting. Or how about this? You're in the deep-end of the pool and need a drink refill, but the cooler is back by the steps to the shallow-end.

Struggle no more, y'all. Thanks to lifestyle website It's A Southern Thing, we recently discovered the Poolcandy Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger, available on Amazon for $199.99. When it comes to relaxation in the pool or lake this summer (or whenever the weather is warm enough), you can't do better than this motor-powered float that lets you cruise effortlessly around. Each heavy-duty PVC vinyl pool float can hold up to 300 pounds and comes with two push-button controls for easy navigation throughout the water. We also love that this motorized pool float also comes with a one-year free parts replacement and a 30-day manufacturer's warranty. And, yes, in case you're curious, they included two cup holders for your imbibing pleasure. It goes without saying, but this motorized pool float is only suitable for lakes or pools, and not oceans or rivers.

Sure, this basic-looking blue-and-gray pool float is no attention-grabbing swan or unicorn pool float, but sometimes function reigns over sparkly pizzazz.

Speaking of which, when it's 90°F and you just finished the last sip of lemonade and are ready for a refresh, you'll be so glad you can zoom off to fill up a new cup for yourself instead of struggling with a capsized 75" x 75" giant golden goose as you navigate your way back to salvation.