Police Officer
Credit: kali9/Getty Images

Detective Lyle Gensler of the Grand Prairie Police Department in Texas was recently driving home for his lunch break when he spotted 4-year-old Claire Jones playing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of her house. He waved at her, and when she waved back, he hopped out up his squad car and joined her.

"Well, it was almost an obligation," Gensler tells Fox & Friends. "I felt that I had to pull over and teach her how to play."

According to her mother, Dawn Clay, Claire loves to play hopscotch—in the family home and out on the driveway.

Clay filmed the officer's sweet play date with her daughter which quickly went viral after Gensler shared it on his personal Twitter account.

"I think people don't realize that police officers are mothers, fathers, sons, and what they do," Clay said.

Gensler agrees. "This isn't just me, this is law enforcement from West Coast to East Coast in my eyes," he said on "Fox. "We do this a lot, it's just by chance that this specific time someone had a camera rolling, and it worked out to benefit us and show what cops are in the nation today."