You're Storing Plastic Wrap Completely Wrong

It will make handling it so much easier.

We've all done the plastic wrap shuffle. You know what we're talking about — when we just can't tear the right portion off of a roll, or a staticky piece of the stuff doesn't wrap properly. Then we strive to start anew and tear off a fresh piece, and the same battle encores. Sigh.

Well, first, we're all for environmentally-friendly plastic wrap alternatives. But if you're trying to use up the last of your rolls or you use the stuff sparingly, here's a neat trick to get rid of Static Syndrome: Store your plastic wrap in the freezer. Indeed, storing your plastic wrap in the freezer (or even popping it in a few minutes before you need it) makes it much easier to handle. As The Kitchn pointed out, it works because the cold air helps to eliminate the static properties of the wrap.

Chowhound also suggests another neat tip to make using plastic wrap easier. When you need to seal a bowl or container, wet the exterior rim with a few drops of water to help the plastic wrap stick. Watch below.

Yes, it's really that easy. How have we been wrestling with panels of plastic wrap all of these years without knowing this handy tip?

Well, now that we're poking around our freezer to free up some room for a roll of plastic wrap, we guess it's a good moment to knock off some spring cleaning and toss some long-expired pie crusts of yesteryear.

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