The most recent additions to the Clay County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina are just too cute.
Clay County Sheriff's Office K9
Credit: Clay County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

There's no bones about it: the most recent additions to the Clay County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina are just too cute.

The department was proud to announce that Phantom and Sarah, two rescue pit bulls, would be the newest (and slobbery-est) members of their narcotics detection team.

In a Facebook post showcasing their two newest hires, the department acknowledged the shock some residents might feel upon learning the breed of their community's new deputies. The post also urged people to abandon whatever prejudices they may have about the vastly misunderstood dog. "Even though pit bulls get a bad rap in the media, they aren't all bad dogs and can do great things for the communities they serve," the post reads.

Before they were tapped for public service, Phantom and Sarah's futures looked grim. Both had spent a year languishing in shelters waiting to be adopted. Luckily for them, fate intervened, and UniversalK9 stepped in and pulled Phantom from a Texas shelter, while in New York, Sarah was plucked from her shelter by Animal Farm Foundation. Now, after extensive training, both law-enforcement ladies are ready for their new home, and a new purpose.

The lives of two special dogs weren't the only things saved in this scenario. Rescue dogs also save taxpayers a whole heap of money—between $15-$20,000—in fact.

"The two foundations have taken on the mission to show that Departments do not need to spend $15-$20,000 for a pure breed German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois to search and find illegal drugs, at the same time giving dogs destined for a life in a shelter or euthanasia a second chance at life serving Law Enforcement Officers and Departments around the country."

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Brad Croft, operations director for UniversalK9, told The Dodo that cases like Phantom's and Sarah's are what makes his job worthwhile.