'Twas the week before Thanksgiving, when all thro' the Ranch, Pioneer Woman was stirring, doing a happy kitchen dance....

Ree Drummond in Kitchen
Credit: Pillsbury

The jig was for a celebratory reason; she had finished her Turkey Day prep and was ready for the most festive day of the season!

Seasonal poems aside, we too, are doing a little prance of thanks to a new post from Ree Drummond with her best Thanksgiving tips. Her ideas are simple, but nonetheless important counsel. First, she enthusiastically reminds us to begin our prep work on Monday. There's so much you can tackle before the big Thursday, from firing up your grill, to dicing, mincing, and slicing your way through your Thanksgiving sides ingredient list so everything comes together quickly on Thanksgiving. Did we mention the desserts spread? Doing baking busy work like making dough or portioning out toppings is ripe for Monday afternoon kitchen power sessions, or delegating to others.

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Her second tip, is a typical Pioneer Woman gem that sprinkles some fun humor into her plan by advising that we turn on The Godfather to get in the proper spirit as we work our magic in the kitchen. Lastly, Drummond underscores the real message behind Thanksgiving: Why fret a cooking flop or a burnt-a-majig? Everyone's there to cherish the grins and gaiety.