The Pioneer Woman Launches Plastic Wrap of Our Dreams

Why use plastic wrap when you can use "Chic Wrap?" 

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Photo: Courtesy Pioneer Woman Mercantile

While we try to keep our plastic wrap use to a minimum, sometimes, you just gotta cling it. And while most boxes of plastic wrap feature drab packaging, and a static-y, difficult-to-cut product, Ree Drummond has come to our rescue: Enter Chic Wrap.

"Kiss those days of fumbling, wadding, and wrestling with cling wrap goodbye and say hello to the best decision you've made all week (or year?)! With this clever plastic wrap, you simply peel and stick on the cutter to the outside of the box, pull out the length of wrap you need, and slide the easy (and safe) slicer to cut," the caption on a series of photos reads on The Pioneer Woman Mercantile's instagram account. "This wrap is heavy duty, zip safe, simple, made in USA, vibrant, colorful, and best of all, it actually STICKS! ...Plus, it has been scientifically proven that this chic wrap will make you a much happier person . Trust us, you won't be sure how you lived without it!" Swipe through the photos below to see Chic Wrap in action (you can click here to purchase.)

Through the end of this month, customers can still get free shipping on orders of $100+ on Drummond's website, with code "BLOOM" at checkout.

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Now, the only question we've got is: Once we get these darling dispensers to use in our own kitchens, what are we going to bake up first?

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