The Pioneer woman shared a ooey, gooey photo from her new cookbook and we are officially hungry

January 30, 2019

A kitchen just isn't complete without a cookbook or two from the inimitable Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Now, we've got a new cookbook to look forward to in the Drummond anthology, debuting in October 2019.

On social media, Drummond has been giving fans a few snippets from the new tome, and yesterday's post really got our stomachs growling. "I do have some really delicious lower-carb recipes coming up in my new cookbook! This is not one of them," Drummond jokes in an Instagram caption alongside a photo of a mysterious dish.

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The carb-y, cheesy delight appears to be some kind of cheesy lasagna — perhaps lasagna alfredo — and the strands of cheese with the layers and layers of curly noodles and flecks of fresh herbs sure have us eager for chowtime.

Well, all of this talk of cheese-smothered anything has us ready to head to the kitchen. Check out these delicious Pioneer Woman recipes that will save dinnertime and get cooking.