This genius find could have saved us so many search parties.
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Anti Slip Remote Protective Case Compatible for Apple TV
Credit: Courtesy Amazon

Marriages have been broken over missing remotes.

But really, though. As silly as it sounds, whether it's with a roommate, a partner, or a kiddo, we all know the heart palpitations, drama, and accusations that ensue when a TV remote goes missing. That's why we were so excited when this article from Apartment Therapy landed on our radar about PINOWU's Anti-Slip Remote Protective Cases for 4th and 5th generation Siri remote controls (BUY IT: $5.29 for two;

So what makes these remote control covers so great? First of all, and most importantly to our absent-minded souls, the bright colors (red, orange, and turquoise) and included wrist straps make losing your remote a thing of the past. When you're done with a show, simply hang your remote on a hook for safekeeping or place it on a shelf, where the bright colors will make it easily stand out. Worst case scenario, and you forget to put your remote away after your feel-good TV binge if the remote slips between couch cushions or falls underneath your bed, the bold hues will help make locating your remote that much easier.

On Amazon, these remote control cases have 1,674 five-star reviews and counting, with many happy customers raving over these covers in the reviews section. "This is a must-buy for anyone that owns an Apple TV. The remotes are small, and sleek, and slippery. My whole family drops or loses the remote constantly. It was a constant struggle," wrote one satisfied user. "After slipping on the teal blue silicon sleeve it was like we had a whole new remote. It makes the remote much less slick feeling. Not nearly as easy to drop. The bright blue color makes it super simple to spot in the couch cushions or on the counter," the reviewer continued, adding that the case makes the remote fit in your hand better and easier to use.

Another reviewer also noted that "although not luminous, it's easier to reach for in the dark (and find)," which we assure you will make your late-night Virgin River marathons so much better.

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Overall, this remote control case for Apple TV users will make TV-viewing that much better. Now, if only we didn't misplace our keys all the time, too.