We love how low-maintenance these colorful plants are.
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During the long days of the coronavirus crisis, we're all spending a lot more time at home than we're used to. Some lessons already well ingrained? We've learned that Dolly Parton music is a veritable gift, streaming platforms for movies and TV show galore are a blessing, and there's nothing quite like finding a great new book to dig into.

We've also been schooled in the simple joy of a houseplant, which may very well boost your mental and even physical health. We're all about letting our household's neurotic plant dad spearhead the care of our devil's ivy, complete with handwritten calendar notation to track watering days and plant food reorders for his beloved "Archie." But as for us, we'll be springing for low-maintenance succulents, ideal for the average brown thumb.

Or, should we say pink thumb? That's right. These days, pink succulents are rising in popularity, at least per Etsy search results. “As shoppers spend more time in their homes than ever, they are looking for unique accents that add character to their spaces. Pink succulents not only add a refreshing pop of color to any room, but are also a low-maintenance option for beginner plant parents," shares Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert. "On Etsy, we’ve seen interest growing in these pretty plants, with a 91% increase in searches for pink succulents or cacti in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year).”

Pictured above, we're loving this bestselling Succulent Sedeveria Pink Ruby, fully rooted in two-inch-planter pots, available here for $20.99. There's also this darling Ruby Glow Peperomia for $7.99, that's a delightful combination of pink-and-green. A quick Etsy search for "pink succulents" or "ruby succulents," could easily have you browsing for hours. But take our advice: Set a timer for five minutes, pick your favorite, and purchase it.

The sooner it arrives at your humble abode, the sooner you can make that plant dad feel a little jealous. No crazy calendar updates required.