Pink Pegasus
Credit: Instagram @la.carmona

The Unicorn Frappuccino craze had people lining up outside Starbucks from Miami to Memphis and everywhere across the South in between, while inside baristas went crazy trying to meet the overwhelming demand. Now there's a new pretty pink-and-blue frozen concoction that's about to take over your Instagram feed—the Pink Pegasus.

When the Starbucks that sits in Downtown Disneyland ran out of one of the key ingredients to make the Unicorn Frappuccino, they didn't let that stop them. After all, did Cinderella let the fact that she didn't have a dress for the ball stop her from going? Of course not! The clever and ingenious baristas didn't want to let their customers down, so they used the ingredients they did have to create a whole new drink, no fairy godmother required.

As first reported by HelloGiggles, the Pink Pegasus is a brilliant raspberry pink and white mocha concoction that is nearly identical to the cultish Unicorn Frappuccino, minus all of the "blue ingredients" that gave the drink it's sour power.

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Based on the posts taking over social media, people are already obsessed with it. If you want to post a picture to your Instagram feed, too, head to Downtown Disneyland soon, because the Pink Pegasus Frappuccino will fly away soon.

Alternatively, try asking the barista at your local Starbucks to get creative. Turns out that some friendly coffee makers are more than willing to do so. As stores ran low on ingredients for the Unicorn Frappuccinos, the Disney baristas weren't the only ones to give the customers what they wanted (even if the customer didn't know it). Some Starbucks baristas created a Dragon Frappuccino, too, and they look just as Instagram worthy. If you prefer your coffee black, try heading to one of the South's best coffee shops instead. The baristas may not make you a unicorn or a Pegasus, but they will undoubtedly make you a great cup of coffee.