Piggly Wiggly
Credit: Getty Images

You can get a lot of things at the Pig– from pre-made pimiento sandwiches to Tennessee Pride Hot Country Sausage to a little crime-fighting, too.

That's what one 90-year old woman discovered when she was the victim of a crime in a Piggly-Wiggly parking lot. The elderly woman was putting her groceries into the trunk of her car, when a young woman approached her to ask if she needed help. This wasn't just good manners, though. When the woman passed on the offer, because she "needed the exercise", the young woman, identified by KTNV as Lacy Lanciloti, struck. Lanciloti reportedly hugged the older woman — and in the process, slipped her purse off her arm and ran.

That behavior doesn't fly anywhere, and certainly not in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot. As Lanciloti tried to make a break for it, customers who witnessed the crime jumped into action, according to KTNV. One called the police while others ran towards Lanciloti's car, armed with nothing but cell phones, and demanded that she give the purse back to its rightful owner. In the video, which is posted on KNTV's site, one woman can be heard telling Lanciloti, "You shouldn't have done that to the old lady, lady."

While Lanciloti tried to get away, the Piggly Wiggly held Lanciloti's car door open to try and recover the purse. Others blocked her car so she couldn't leave. Finally, someone swiped Lancilot's keys so she couldn't flee before police arrived, and when Lanciloti yelled, "Give me my keys," one of the crime-fighters replied, "You ain't getting your keys, you are going to jail tonight."

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When the police finally arrived on the scene, Lanciloti was charged with the theft of the purse, and also with taking a bottle of wine from the Piggly Wiggly before the robbery. As Lanciloti was taken away, shoppers at the Piggly Wiggly applauded the quick-thinking crimestoppers for their heroism.

It's just one more reason to love Piggly Wiggly.