And they're awesome—literally!


What young girl hasn't dreamed of becoming a Disney princess? Maybe you were a bookworm who longed to find your enchanted beloved like Belle. Perhaps you were the girl who waited with bated breath for the single kiss that would wake you from your slumber or turn your frog into Prince Charming, just like Sleeping Beauty and Tiana.

Whether it was the idea of wearing their fabulous gowns and tiaras or being whisked away in a whirlwind romance by some strapping gentleman, we've all imagined what it'd be like to step into their dainty glass slippers. But never could we have envisioned these characters satisfying our sweet tooth as well—besides, of course, Snow White's tempting apple. Well, one Vancouver-based baker is looking to make all of your childhood fairytale dreams come true, and she plans to do it with dessert.

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pies Are Awesome is transforming animated Disney princesses, such as Merida, Belle, and Tiana, into delicious little hand pies bursting with fruit. Though these treats may look easy as pie, we can assure you these bite-sized beauties are anything but simple—much like the complex princesses they're mirrored after. Thanks to Clark-Bojin's unrivaled attention to detail, you could have the magic of Disney in the palm of your hands.

According to her website, Clark-Bojin has taken her lifelong passion for pies and turned it into a culinary mission to prove that the delectable pastry can go "head-to-head against the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts on the most discerning buffet tables of the world."

Judging by the photos and video posted above, looks like every Disney enthusiast will soon be able to say: Mission accomplished.

Here's to having your happily ever after in dessert form. These flaky, melt-in-your-mouth hand pies are a sweet way to end your meal.