Pie Eating Contest
Credit: Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images

Despite what your mama told you, it is possible to make a career out of eating pie.

Dancer-turned-baker Stacy Connelly is a "pie consultant" for Sara Bareilles' Broadway musical, Waitress, which follows Jenna (currently played by Betsy Wolfe), a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage with a baby on the way. Like many of us in times of trouble, she sought refuge in the kitchen, baking pies to serve at the diner where she works as a waitress.

Because pie is practically a co-star in the musical, Connelly has her work cut out for her. According to Eater, Connelly's job includes making sure the pies that Jenna bakes look absolutely authentic. She does that by baking every pie that is used as a prop on stage, advising the play's production staff on how to make the pies really shine on stage from staging to lighting. Each week, she and her team of eight bakers also make around 2000 personal pies (are there two better words than "personal pies"?) tucking them into mason jars for snacking on during the performance or for taking home as the tastiest souvenirs ever.

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"I never thought that my credit in a Broadway playbill would actually be ‘pie consultant'," says Connelly in Eater's video, "but it has been and it is and it has been life-changing."

Waitress is currently on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theater, so next time you're in the Big Apple, catch a show with a side of apple pie.