Sunshine Key Tiny House Village Opens in the Florida Keys—and We Want to Move There Pronto

Ohio Key, here we come.

You don't have to sell us hard on a Florida Keys vacation. Sunshine, surf, good people, good times. But this news may very well seal the deal on booking a Sunshine State getaway sooner rather than later: On January 1st Petite Retreats officially opened the Sunshine Key Tiny House Village. Located on Ohio Key—about 30 minutes away from Key West and a few minutes from Bahia Honda State Park—guests can choose from five tiny homes, each with their own distinct decor and color scheme: Kai, Lucy, Isla, Pearl, and Hemingway. This delightful village of tiny homes sits on the shoreline of Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina, which is situated on the south end of the Seven Mile Bridge.

Each tiny home clocks in at under 350-square-feet and features waterfront views with a starting rate of $250 per night. Basic amenities like a refrigerator, cookware, coffeemaker, TV, and a picnic table outside are included. The opening of Sunshine Key Tiny House village marks the fourth official tiny house village for Petite Retreats.

In addition to the new Florida Keys location, Petite Retreats also runs Mt. Hood Tiny House Village outside of Portland, Oregon, Leavenworth Tiny House Village, located east of Seattle,Washington, and Tuxbury Tiny House Village, outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Near Sedona, Arizona in Verde Valley there are also two tiny houses available for rent. In addition to something for tiny home seekers across the country to enjoy, Petite Retreats also manages teepees, covered wagons, colorful cottages, yurts, and more unique accommodations nationwide. Clearly, these one-of-a-kind digs offer something special for every kind of traveler. We don't know about you, but we're having a hard time narrowing down where we'll stay.

We think we'll have to start with a stack of good books and the Florida sun and sand and book the Hemingway tiny home. Sunshine Key Tiny House Village, here we come. See you in Ohio Key, Florida.

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