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Perry Mason Set Still
Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

HBO's new Perry Mason series debuted last week and it's safe to say we're all still dreaming about the characters and plot twist—and the sets, oh, the sets.

The amazing glimpse the sets give us into what the 1930s in Los Angeles looked like took many, many hours of work and the beautiful, realistic backdrops help make the show as captivating as the actors.

Recently, Architectural Digest took a deep dive into the show's spectacular design and we love all the intel we picked up in their piece. With production designer John P. Goldsmith, who found inspiration from the 1974 neo-noir Oscar-winning movie Chinatown, it's clear the show was in good hands.

Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

“Director Tim Van Patten hosted a screening for the department heads, and there was a kind of ethos about Los Angeles then and Los Angeles in 2020," Goldsmith told Architectural Digest. "You can find the bones of things in ’20s and ’30s architecture, but the city is completely modernized with streets, buses, and cars, and you have to edit it all out and strip things down. We saw how they did that in Chinatown."

Filmed in the greater Los Angeles area, the houses featured in the show evoke the living environments people from various socioeconomic classes would have inhabited during the Depression Era. “We had 136 locations and 24 stage builds, such as the courtroom, Mason’s farmhouse, the morgue, the jail, the Radiant Assembly Church, and various Hollywood apartments and estates that ranged from Spanish Colonial and Tudor to traditional and Art Deco,” Goldsmith said. Curious about the infamous courtroom? Goldsmith found his muse for Perry Mason's courtroom in the architecture of Los Angeles City Hall melded with elements from Blenheim Palace in London.

While you watch the show, it's apparent that the set design crew went above and beyond to make the scenes as true to life in this time period as possible whether the scene is set in a home, the courtroom, or at a party.

Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

WATCH: A New Perry Mason TV Show Is on Its Way

Don't have HBO? You can watch the full episode of the show's premiere on HBO's YouTube channel below.

If you love swoon-worthy interiors and exciting dramas, we promise this show will have you glued to your couch. We'd love to hear from you: What's next on your must-watch list?