Paint Your Bathroom This Color If You Want to Increase Your Home's Listing Price

Or simply because you love a calming retreat.

As you prepare to sell your home, there are the obvious things to do like making sure your plumbing is working, upgrading your curb appeal, and cleaning your windows.

Then, there are the less obvious things that could impact your home's resale value—like painting your bathroom. So what color could potentially help boost your selling price? Periwinkle blue. According to the 2022 Zillow Paint Color Analysis, a bathroom painted in periwinkle blue may mean your home price could be 1.6 percent higher.

Paint Color Swatches and Brushes
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There's good reason that the ethereal shade can help you fetch an estimated $5,000 more. As Apartment Therapy reported, "Amanda Pendleton, Zillow's lifestyle expert, says this might have to do with current bathroom trends, like white cabinets and countertops, which periwinkle nicely complements." The subdued shade may also promote a zen ambience, which many people are trying to channel in their bathrooms to maximize relaxation.

So what do you think of perwinkle in your bathroom? Ready to grab the paint brushes or are you in favor of renaming it no-thank-you-blue?

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