Two of the brand’s most popular cookie varieties are at the greatest risk.

By Meghan Overdeep
December 11, 2020

The latest grocery store staple to fall victim to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Fancy cookies.

Pepperidge Farm, the maker of such beloved holiday treats as Milano and Chessmen cookies, is warning customers that some of its popular varieties might be in short supply this holiday season.

Campbell Soup Co., the brand's parent company, announced this week that its cookie sector is facing a series of pandemic-related hurdles that could limit availability in stores.

According to Bloomberg, Campbell’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Clouse revealed on an earnings call Wednesday that a combination of labor shortages and elevated demand are driving the cookie-sector “challenge.”

"Cookie demand has been through the roof for months now and we've been working around the clock to meet it," a Campbell's spokesperson told Today.

It's reportedly been especially hard to keep two of their most popular varieties on grocery store shelves.

 "Our cookies with unique shapes, like the Bordeaux and Chessmen varieties, have been more impacted by supply constraints. They're very specific recipes, so because of demand, you might not be able to find as many of these specific varieties," the Campbell's spokesperson said.

Complications aside, Pepperidge Farm pledges to keep producing the cookies as “quickly and safely” as they can.

"We've made these cookies for decades and we'll continue to make them," the spokesperson assured Today. "There will be plenty of Pepperidge Farm cookies for Santa."