White sand and emerald green water for all!

Pensacola Beach Mobi Mats
Credit: Visit Pensacola

Good news, Florida beachgoers! The renowned white sand and emerald green water of Pensacola beaches are now accessible to all thanks to the installment of five state-of-the-art wheelchair beach access mats.

Mobi-Mats are a non-slip matting laid down over the sand that provides grip and easy access for wheelchairs, strollers, and pedestrians on unstable surfaces like beach sand. The mats, which were funded by the Santa Rosa Island Authority and installed by Escambia County Public Works, will be located on five beaches along Santa Rosa Island: Casino Beach, Park West, Moms Beach (Quietwater Beach), Boardwalk Beach, and Baby Beach.

And that's not all. Beach wheelchairs—both electric and traditional—are available for rent from several vendors along Pensacola Beach.

"This is an incredible addition to the Pensacola Bay Area," Steve Hayes, president of Visit Pensacola, said in a news release. "Thanks to the Santa Rosa Island Authority, residents and visitors of all abilities will be able to enjoy our destinations beautiful features."

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Good work, y'all!