"Faster Than it Looks," Florida Police Issue Wanted Poster for Fugitive Cow

The Pembroke Pines Police Department says the "talented fence jumper" has been on the lam for months.

There's a cow living life on the lam in Florida's Broward County and local police are not amoosed.

"For several months a loose cow has been seen wandering in the area of Sheridan Street & I-75," Pembroke Pines Police Department wrote on Facebook last week. "It has managed to evade capture by both our officers & assisting cow herders since January, due to its surprising speed and amazing fence jumping skills."

A wanted-style poster describes the cow as female and brown with a white head. It goes on to characterize the felonious bovine as "faster than it looks; talented fence jumper; enjoys pools."

"While the cow itself doesn't present a threat to the public, it has been known to enter roadways where it endangers itself and surrounding motorists," the police department post warns.

The rogue cow is currently being charming with "MOOving Violations, UDDERing false checks, Fleeing and Eluding Police."

The police department later followed up their original post with a video of the wayward animal caught in the act, running amuck in a busy roadway. Their officers are reportedly working with trained cow herders in order to "safely wrangle her," so that she does not continue to endanger herself.

If you know the owner of the cow or its current location, the Pembroke Pines Police Department asks you to notify them by calling (954) 431-2200.

UPDATE: On the morning of Wednesday, March 18, Pembroke Pines Police Department announced that the cow had finally been corralled. "Last night our officers located the rogue cow and were able to direct it into an enclosed area in Davie," the police department revealed on Facebook. "The property owner is aware of the cow & agreed to keep it until it can be safely removed. We wish the cow well on its future adventures."

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