Oh, how we've missed these bunnies and chicks.
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Credit: Courtesy PEEPS

It wouldn't be spring without Peeps, the ever-popular Easter candy that was first manufactured in 1953. But this past March, we reported that Just Born, the Pennsylvania-based candy manufacturer that makes Peeps, had temporarily halted production in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In early May, they were able to resume their operations with limited production. However, the Just Born team then had to make the difficult decision to forgo production of Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day seasonal candies to focus on meeting the expected resounding demand for Peeps during the Easter season. This unfortunately led to a nine-month hiatus of Peeps availability across the country, as a company spokesperson shared with Southern Living via email. We don't know about you, but we especially missed the orange pumpkin-shaped Peeps during Halloween to brighten up ou candy bowls.

Now, we're thrilled to learn that Peeps are officially back in stock nationwide, as well as online. Reacting to the announcement on social media, fans of these sweet treats were clearly excited, with commenters chiming in with responses like "Yay! We've missed you" and "Oh thank goodness my current [Peeps] stash is a bit...weathered." You can buy them online on Candy.com here. Be sure to tell all your friends and family, ahem, peeps, who adore this festive candy.

Once you've replenished your stores, may we suggest making a batch of Peep S'mores Dip? You don't have to tell us twice.

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Meanwhile, our hankering for these colorful sweets has never been stronger. We may not be fortune tellers, but we are sensing some of that Peeps-infused S'mores dip in a kitchen near us. Fluffy, colorful, tasty...what more could you want from a marshmallow? Oh, how we can't wait for our sweet, sweet reunion with the one and only Peeps.