Ah yes, the eternal question.

Credit: bit245/Getty Images

October is a big month for pecans in Texas. Not only is it Texas Pecan Month, but Tuesday marked the 100th anniversary of the pecan tree being named the Texas State Tree.

So, October 1st seemed like a good a time as any for Texas Pecan Board to release the results of a new survey addressing a popular point of contention in the Lone Star State: the right way to pronounce pecan.

Ah yes, the eternal question.

According to KVUE, 41% of Texans reported that they prefer to pronounce the name of the beloved nut as "pih-kahn," while 34% claimed to say "puh-kahn."

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But that's not all. "Pee-can" was reportedly the top pronunciation choice of respondents aged 18-22. Pee-can, of course, being the preferred pronunciation of Northerners. (Gasp!)

"While the survey shows that most Texans prefer to say 'pih-kahn,' we don't really care how you say pecan as long as you're eating them," Bob Whitney, executive director of the Texas Pecan Board, said in a news release. "Pecans really are a part of Texas culture handed down from generation to generation whether you're eating them or growing them or eating and growing them."