One jeweler has seen sales spike 335% from 2015 to 2017.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 21, 2018
James Allen Engagement Ring
Credit: Courtesy James Allen

Lions and tigers and pears, oh my! Pear-cut, that is.

As it turns out, the engagement ring market is seeing a trend in the sale of pear-cut rings, likely thanks to the recent batch of celebrities that flaunt them (a few include Margot Robbie, Paris Hilton, Cardi B., and Kaley Cuoco). One such jeweler that specializes in engagement rings,, has seen sales of pear-cut diamond rings spike an impressive 335% from 2015 to 2017. (And if you like what you see pictured here, it's their 14K White Gold Pave Halo and Shank Diamond Engagement Ring. You're welcome.)

"We're seeing substantial year-over-year growth in sales of pear-cut engagement rings on We believe this is primarily due to an increasing number of celebrities and social media influencers opting for the unique diamond shape," says Oded Edelman, president and co-founder of the site. "We're also seeing a desire to pair the traditional with the unique, for example, a solitaire platinum setting paired with a pear-cut diamond. This is a great way to express your individual personality while still giving importance to what will be timeless."

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Blending together marquise and oval shapes, the pear-cut stone also has the added bonus of providing the optical illusion of appearing bigger than it is while simultaneously slimming your ring finger. If you're considering a pear-cut engagement ring, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Length-to-Width Ratio "This is an important factor when selecting a pear shape diamond. The ideal ratio is between 1.45 and 1.75. The diamond usually contains 58 facets, allowing for light to pass through much the same way as in a round-cut diamond, but it makes more of an impression because of its [rarer] shape," says Edelman.
  • The Bow-Tie Effect "Pear-shape diamonds are susceptible to the bow-tie effect. If you can visibly see a shape of a bow-tie in the middle of the diamond, then it is best to select another one," advises Edelman.
  • Decide Which Way You Want to Wear It "There is no standard way to wear a pear-shape diamond, however many prefer to wear the ring pointed toward the nails as it provides a slimming effect," explains Edelman. Also worth noting: This cut of stone often requires specialized settings. Pear-cut gems are typically supported by six prongs with one prong added to safeguard the tip of your stone.

We're certainly swooning, but now if only we could have as many engagement rings as bridesmaids...