Small acts of kindness can sometimes make a big impact.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 28, 2017
Newcastle Oklahoma Walmart
Credit: Facebook / Walmart Newcastle

We've all had those special angels who swoop in to make a bad day a touch brighter, and for one foster mom in Oklahoma, that blessing came from an unexpected place: her local Walmart associate.

In an inspiring story we won't soon forget, 20-year-old Nicholas Tate, who works at Walmart Newcastle in Oklahoma, took matters into his own hands to help a struggling mother in need. According to Fox News, as the woman was checking out, he inquired if it had been one of those days, to which she replied it had been, as she kept tabs on her three children and unloaded her grocery cart. The woman (who would like to remain anonymous) told Tate she was a foster parent and had just gotten on board with a Federal program that helps families with limited finances, WIC.

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When it was time to ring all her items up, some of her purchases wouldn't go through the system, apparently due to the fact that she had picked up the wrong brand of baby formula for the WIC program. With a growing line of impatient customers, Tate had to think fast. Already gripping his own credit card, he called a manager over to the register to see if they could figure the issue out. As soon as he realized the purchase still wasn't working, he went ahead and put all of the woman's groceries on his own card. "I felt like God was calling for me to pay for her bill," he said to Fox News. "It was without a doubt – God was saying, ‘Pay for this.'"

The $60 worth of groceries made a big difference in this mom's life, and his small act of kindness did not go unnoticed by Walmart as the young man just recieved the "Happy to Help" award of the month.