Strangers helping strangers in the sweetest way possible.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 12, 2017
Credit: Facebook / Tara Parker Routzong

When the going gets tough, the tough pay it forward.

That's exactly the case for one generous nine-year-old boy who wanted to brighten the day for someone facing the impending havoc of Hurricane Irma. It all started when Landon Routzong, of Troy, Alabama headed to a local Chick-fil-A on Friday, September 8th, with his mom, Tara Parker Routzong.

What could have been a regular mother-son meal quickly changed when young Landon spotted a Florida license plate on back of the car in front of them at the drive-thru. Thinking that the car was likely fleeing from Irma, Landon declared that he wanted to pick up the lunch tab in a gesture of goodwill. Since the car was in front of theirs, Tara handed off her debit card to the young boy and told him to run to the window before it was too late.

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"I didn't want them to waste their money on food because they're trying to escape the hurricane," Landon said to ABC News. "I felt like I should help out."

Indeed, it turned out the man in the car was leaving his home in Miami to escape Irma's wrath and stay with family in Birmingham. "He went up to the window and asked the gentleman in the car if he minded if he paid [for] his meal," Tara continued. "The man said yes and thanked him and shook his hand." Later on, the unidentified man pulled over and thanked mom and son, both on the brink of tears from the tiny yet powerful act.

Tara posted a recap of the event in a Facebook post that has since garnered over 3,200 likes. We're all for taking two seconds to share the post—and even more, taking two minutes to channel Landon's caring heart and do something thoughtful today for a stranger, too.