The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Georgia Grandma and Her 4-Ingredient Biscuit Recipe

Simple, homemade perfection.

Missing your grandma’s home cooking amid the coronavirus pandemic? Pat Wilbanks is here to help.

The grandmother from LaFayette, Georgia, has become a bit of an internet sensation after videos of her demonstrating her family’s biscuit recipe went viral on Facebook earlier this month.

Pat Wilbanks Biscuits
Facebook/Pat Wilbanks

The three-part video series was shot by Wilbanks' grandson Chris as a favor for her best friend’s granddaughter Andrea, who wanted to learn how to make biscuits.

“This is not professional, but here we go,” she tells the camera.

In the first four-minute video, Wilbanks is seen preparing a batch of old fashioned biscuits with the recipe she’s been using for decades. Like any good Southern grandma, all she needs to create warm, fluffy perfection is flour, Crisco, buttermilk, and butter. (None of the margarine nonsense.)

And her best trick? Finishing them off in the broiler.

In just a few weeks, the videos have racked up tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments. People from as far away as the United Kingdom have tuned in to Wilbanks’ humble demonstration.

“Grandma Pat thank you for sharing your recipe!” one person commented. “Watching your video made me cry because I miss baking with my grandma so much! But the love you put out in your video was amazing! Thanks for being wonderful!”

"Miss Pat you are a treasure!!" another wrote.

Wilbanks told Today that she has been making biscuits since she was 12 years old. She often had to help feed her six siblings after their mother passed away. When she was younger, she made biscuits with lard, flour, and home-churned buttermilk from the family's cow.

She learned this particular biscuit-making method from her husband's grandmother, a woman named Rose Hawkins, who was born in 1886.

Wilbanks told Today that she while she doesn’t know what going "viral" means, she's excited to be able to share her family recipe with others.

"Chris called me the next day and said, 'Nana your biscuit recipe has gone viral.' And I said, 'What is that?' I'm honored and very thankful," she said.

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