Now this is something to cheer for!

By Meghan Overdeep
March 06, 2019
One Dream Cheerleaders Pasco County
Credit: Facebook/Pasco County Schools

A group of extraordinary Florida athletes are getting praise from around the world after a video of them competing in the Special Olympics Florida's County Summer Games went viral this week.

A video (below) of the One Dream cheerleading team, which is comprised of special needs students from different Pasco County schools, was shared on the school district's official Facebook page last month. Their unbridled enthusiasm and well-executed routine helped the heart-warming clip bring in more than 5 million views in a short period of time.

According to Storyful, members of the team range in age from 12 to 29 years old. and they practice every week, all-year round, performing in six or more competitions during the year.

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Sandi Miller-Kelleher, who coaches One Dream, sang the praises of her athletes in a Facebook comment. "They respect each other, love each other and build each other up," she wrote. "I know this because I am their biggest fan, I am honored to be their coach."

Good job, y'al