Kindness is contagious, after all.
Missouri teachers giving back
Credit: Getty / asiseeit

There's an oft-recited Aesop quote that reads: "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Taking Aesop's counsel to heart, a group of Missouri teachers proved this week that you can, in fact, change your world with kindness. On Tuesday, August 15th, more than 80 teachers from Hanna Woods School in Ballwin, Missouri set out to perform random good deeds throughout their community.

Last May, one of Hanna Woods' school buses veered off Interstate 44 and sent all 13 children aboard and the bus driver to the hospital (thankfully, everyone was okay). After the scary incident, the community mobilized to show their support for the school. Now, it was time to pay it forward and give back to the locals who were there for the school in their time of need.

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For their day of giving, the educators broke into groups and hit the town to have a positive impact in as many ways as they could. For instance, one group of teachers brought food to the Circle of Concern Food Pantry in Valley Park. Others spent their day sorting cans of food for the needy. To keep their chain of kindness growing, the teachers will discuss their community service with the students on the first day of school.

"The message is: Let's care about each other," said Dr. Debbie Reid, assistant principal at Hanna Woods to Fox2Now, St. Louis. "We care about everything we do. We show kindness in everything we do."