Well deserved!
John Schnatter Pizza
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Carolina Williams was accepted to Yale University after writing a heartfelt essay about her deep and abiding love of ordering pizza from Papa John's, as we reported last week. The Brentwood, Tennessee teen's essay not only earned her a spot at the prestigious Ivy League university, but now Papa John's is offering her an internship and even better—free pizza.

After news of Williams' Yale-worthy essay reached the desk of Papa John's founder and CEO John Schnatter, he came up with a plan to show Williams a little customer appreciation in gratitude for her loyalty and hard work. In a message, Schnatter a.k.a. Papa John himself, announced that he would make Williams' pizza-loving dreams come true by offering her free pizza for an entire year, as AL.com reported.

"I heard that you loved our better ingredients, better pizza, and your devotion to better helped you get into Yale," Schnatter says in a video posted on Friday afternoon. "Of course, I know it also took a lot of hard work and dedication on your part and that's what I admire most." Schnatter knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication as he started Papa John's from "a broom closet in the back of [his] father's tavern."

Schnatter's admiration for Williams' hard work didn't stop there, though. Williams ultimately decided to take a spot at Auburn instead of Yale— and because there's a Papa John's on campus—Schnatter is planning on throwing a massive pizza party at her Auburn dorm, ensuring that Williams will be pretty popular at her new school.

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As Williams plans to study business at Auburn, Schnatter also invited her to be an intern at Papa John's headquarters in Louisville, where she can learn the ropes of the restaurant world while rounding out her already impressive resume.