These Pan Potatoes from 'The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook' Are an Instant Holiday Classic

The new cookbook contains 60+ traditional British holiday recipes from the Edwardian period.

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Pan Potatoes_Image Only_The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook
Photo: (c) 2020 Weldon Owen

Things are tough right now. But if you throw on your favorite red, cheery apron, flip open a good cookbook, and settle on a recipe that tickles your taste buds, bliss can be achieved, if only for a fleeting few.

Especially if that cookbook happens to be The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook ($31.50 on Amazon Prime), which debuted on November 3. As a follow-up to 2019's The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook, the new tome by Regula Ysewign with a foreword from the show's creator Julian Fellowes features 60+ traditional British holiday recipes, that graced tables during the Edwardian period. We're pretty excited to get cooking.

The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook_FC
(c) 2020 Weldon Owen

To kick things off, the publishers at Weldon Owen were kind enough to share the recipe card for the book's pan potatoes, which look oh-so-impressive on the table but are quite easy to make, requiring only a handful of ingredients: Potatoes, olive oil or butter, and sea salt and black pepper. (For a similar potato dish using most of the same ingredients, check out our much loved melting potatoes.)

"Potatoes were ubiquitous on tables throughout Britain in the Downton era, and recipes for them were plentiful. Boiled and roasted were the most popular ways to prepare them, but potato straws, potato waffles, and crisp fried paper-thin slices were also common. During the war years, eating potatoes was encouraged because the British crop was abundant," the headnote reads.

"Wartime cookery books and Ministry of Food leaflets provided ideas on how to to use potatoes in nearly every way you can imagine. In May Byron's The Great War Cook Book, published in 1915, potatoes are featured in nineteen recipes, not including the vegetable and potato chapters. There were even demonstrations on how to use potato flour in place of wheat flour in an attempt to get home cooks to reduce their use of the harder-to-grow grain," the recipe's introduction continues, noting that this particular dish hails from "Dorothy Allhusen's A Book of Scents and Dishes, a striking collection of recipes from upper-class families published in the mid-1920s and sold to raise money for charity."

Check out the full recipe card below.

Pan Potatoes_The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook
(c) 2020 Weldon Owen

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Time to don our finest Edwardian-inspired garb and have a little at-home costume party. Perhaps with ourselves, perhaps with a pet, perhaps with our fellow household members, and definitely with some truly spectacular spuds.

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