So long, pants.
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Man Working in Pajamas
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From the way we work to the way we celebrate; the coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives.

Unsurprisingly, fears of the deadly virus have also impacted the way we shop. According to an Adobe Analytics study released last week, social distancing has Americans buying a lot more groceries and far fewer pants online. That's right y'all, Americans are dropping their drawers.

As work-from-home guidelines extend into their second month, consumer buying habits have shifted towards more comfortable clothes. In the month of April, the Adobe Digital Economy Index (DEI), which uses Adobe Analytics to track the state of e-commerce, showed that pajama purchases increased more than 143%, while pants sales dropped 13% and jackets sunk by 33%. The price for bras also dropped by 12%.

While brick and mortar stores across the country shuttered, e-commerce sales flourished. Overall, internet purchases were up 49% last month, and categories such as online grocery, electronics and books doubled. Online sales for wine, beer, and spirits increased by a staggering 74% between March 11 and April 21.

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Sadly, Americans are still shopping less overall, and all the pretty pajama sets we snatched up weren’t enough to erase the losses major retailers have experienced.

"It will take a long time for sales to get back to normal and for people to feel comfortable heading back to stores," Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst with Forrester, explained to CNN. "We are in the midst of a recession, possibly a depression. If there's a nonessential retailer that can thrive in that retail environment, I want to know who they are."