Ivy Kite is one talented pup!

There's a modern day Pupcasso living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ivy Kite is a seven-year-old Australian Shepherd from Myers Park whose artwork has sold for much as $500 and ships all over the world, reports the Charlotte Agenda.

Once a week (to prevent burnout) her mom Lisa Kite, a retired nurse, sets out a canvas and paints, then hands Ivy the brush.

After choosing the color she wants to use, the creative canine takes her custom paintbrush between her teeth and makes magic with acrylic paint. According to Lisa, blue is Ivy's favorite color though she is more than happy to take requests.

"She's very opinionated about what she wants to do," Lisa explained. "Sometimes I'll say, 'Don't add so much of that color. Just put a little.' But she'll grab a brush and go crazy with it."

Ivy does one color per day on each painting—working on as many as six at once—then lets it dry before returning with a different color. It takes between three and four weeks to complete a piece. To date, Lisa estimates Ivy has sold between 600 and 700 original works via Instagram.

The Kite family donates the profits from Ivy's sales to charity. Just during the coronavirus pandemic, the Charlotte Agenda reports that their donations have equaled approximately 2,000 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina.

Now don't go chastising your own pup for laziness. Ivy is hardly an ordinary dog. Using clicker training, Lisa has taught Ivy a variety of impressive tricks, in addition to painting. She can also open and close doors, play Jenga, and fetch and deliver drinks from the refrigerator on demand.

Way to go, Ivy!