Thomas Rhett's Mom Paige Lankford Shares How She Knew Lauren Akins Was Her Son's Soulmate

"Thomas Rhett is he who is because of Lauren. And Lauren is who she is because of Thomas Rhett."

Last week, Thomas Rhett's mom Paige Lankford chatted with TODAY's Sheinelle Jones to do what parents do best: Gush about their kids.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins attend the 54th Annual CMA Awards
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When Jones asked if Lankford knew from the get-go that Lauren Akins was the perfect match for her son, she doesn't skip a beat before affirming, "absolutely." She explains that the couple dated when Rhett was a freshman in high school, and that he was heartbroken when they broke up. "He was dramatic, let me just tell ya," Jones comments, explaining that they remained best friends throughout high school and college, even as they dated other people.

"When they both ended up broken up from the people that they had dated all the way through high school and college, Thomas Rhett knew, and Lauren did not know that she loved him until they kissed, and then from that moment it was probably six months before they engaged," says Lankford (read the couple's proposal story here). "Thomas Rhett is he who is because of Lauren. And Lauren is who she is because of Thomas Rhett," she continues.

Next, Jones asks if Lankford ever had a moment of realization that her son was living his purpose, and she could sit back take a deep breath. "Yes, I think when they came home with [their adopted daughter] Willa Gray and I saw the way he interacted with her and then them having [their daughter] Ada and the way he is as a Dad,"shares Lankford. "To me, that's the part where I'm like 'he's good. He is a good kid. He gets it, he knows how to do all of this.' Those moments really make you go 'hey, I did something right."

Watch the full interview—where Lankford also reveals her favorite Thomas Rhett songs, advice for divorced parents, and more—here.

We can't get enough of this sweet country music couple. And now we just want to grab tea and gossip with Rhett's mom, too.

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