Mama Ree Drummond hopes "Jesus takes the wheel" on this one.

Okay, we might not be part of the Drummond family, but given how closely we track the sweet Pawhuska posse's every move, we pretty much consider ourselves honorable members at this point.

Right about now, we're all about obsessing over Ree and Ladd's daughter Alex's engagement this past summer to boyfriend Mauricio Scott. Back in September, Alex's sister Paige revealed that she was going to serve as maid of honor for her older sis and she couldn't be more excited. For the big ask, Alex gave Paige a bottle of champagne with a custom label on it reading "Maid of Honor" with a date below it saying "Spring 2021 Rosé," in anticipation of their tentative time frame to tie the knot.

Now, a recent article from has spilled some more details about Paige's special role on Alex's wedding day—her maid of honor speech! "My speech is gonna be hilarious," Paige said in an Instagram Live video with her mom Ree. "I can't wait!" Per, Paige may very well be going freestyle for her toast.

"Everyone's so nervous because a lot of people say that I have no filter," she added, much to mama Ree's dismay, "I don't really see that."

Alas, Ree has relinquished herself to leaving things up to fate for Paige's speech: "I have three words about Paige's upcoming maid of honor speech: Jesus take the wheel," Ree said, to which Paige jested those are four words and Ree claimed that "the" doesn't count. Jesus driving or otherwise, we have a feeling this is going to be a speech for the books.

Ah, what we would give to be a fly on the wall at Alex and Mauricio's wedding day—or a taste-tester for the dinner menu!