Peek into Paige Drummond's Incredible University of Arkansas Dorm Room

A pink and polka dot dream.

Paige and Ree Drummond University of Arkansas

Mama Drummond went to visit her daughter, Paige, a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville this past weekend—and boy do we envy Paige's dorm room.

With a minimalist vibe, the room features string lights, a playful polka dot comforter, and a gallery wall display of some framed pink and black and white prints accompanied by throw pillows in a similar color scheme. The blonde wood bed frame appears to double as storage, a smart innovation given the standard small size of college dorms. Indeed, while Paige's U of A digs may not be the family's sprawling Pawhuska ranch, the cozy space still has serious design appeal. "You know the weekend is gonna be good when it starts off with your momma coming to town! so thankful for you and days like this," Paige captioned the photo in which mother-and-daughter smile happily perched atop Paige's bed.

And what would a Drummond family meet-up be without some grub? As Ree shared on her Instagram account, the pair also enjoyed some food at Arsaga's at the Depot, a local eatery housed in a former train freight building. "I drove over to see Paige at college for the afternoon. It took me six chapters of a true crime audiobook to get there," shared Ree. "We went out for an "iced latte" but wound up also getting herbed fries, chickpea fritters, gnocchi, roasted tomatoes, and ham & cheese crepes. OOPS!" she writes, before signing off with, "I love you, Paige! What's for dessert?" See the pictures from their outing and tantalizing spread of food below.

Ree also posted a similar photo of the two of them in Paige's dorm room, but with the good-humored caption, "College girls have all the cool presets but their moms have all the cool boots." (For those not up on the lingo, presets refer to pre-made editing adjustments that you can apply to your photos.)

For her freshmen year at University of Arkansas, Paige's dorm room featured different decor with more of an earthier feel and wooden accessories. For a glimpse into that space, check out the photo below.

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This past weekend, it looks like Drummond's six-chapter drive was well worth it for some quality time with her daughter and some fun around Fayetteville. We hope you had some equally captivating audiobooks for the ride home, Mrs. Drummond.

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