They've dubbed it the "love thy neighbor" food pantry truck.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 07, 2019
Food Pantry
Credit: asiseeit/Getty Images

It's always a good day to help your neighbors in need.

Members of the Overcoming Believers Church in Knoxvile, Tennessee are embodying that adage with a free "love thy neighbor" food pantry truck outside of their church located at 211 Harriet Tubman Street, as WATE 6 originally reported.

The truck will be hosted by volunteers from the church. Anybody who is need of free food in the area can come by every Tuesday at 1:00pm via the west entrance on Bell Street. Watch the full clip below.

Feeling inspired by this good deed? There are many ways to get involved and help your own communities, from volunteering at a local food pantry to cleaning up parks.

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