The Outer Banks Restaurant Association organized the event.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 18, 2019
RickSause/Getty Images

If you've been to the Outer Banks, you know what an important feature the local restaurant scene is to the community.

Following Hurricane Dorian, this special group of restaurants wanted to band together to support those effected by the storm. That's why the Outer Banks Restaurant Association decide to put on a fundraiser called "Dine Out For Disaster Relief." The day of giving back took place yesterday, Tuesday, September 17th, with participating restaurants donating 50% of food sales to the Outer Banks Community Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund.

"In light of the recent hurricane, the Outer Banks Restaurant Association wanted to do its part to help those that suffered damage," Quinn Capps, Outer Banks Restaurant Association marketing manager, told local news network WTKR 3. "Fifty percent of your food sales will be going to help our friends and neighbors rebuild their lives and homes."

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Looking to help our friends in the Outer Banks? You can make a donation to the Outer Banks Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund here.

We hope everyone who got to participate in the food-focused fundraiser has a full stomach and full heart today.