It might not be the most fashionable chair, but boy is it practical.

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SwimWays Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard
Credit: Amazon

If no amount of bug spray has managed to protect you from becoming mosquito meat this summer, this chair is for you.

Perfect for sideline spectating, backyard barbecues, camping adventures, and whatever else comes your way, the SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard features netting to help shield sitters from winged invaders. The canopy-to-ground bug net features a front zipper closure and bottom weights to keep it in place when things get buggy. When not in use, simply roll the netting up into the zipper pouches in the 50+ UPF sun canopy which becomes the chair's carry bag. Voila!

Save for the unique bug net, this quad-style chair isn't all that different from the traditional, foldable fabric chairs you've been carting around for the past few decades. It even comes with a built-in cupholder and a shoulder strap for easy toting.

Carrying SwimWays Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard
Credit: Amazon

The chair, which is available on Amazon for $63, has mostly five-star reviews.

"Best investment ever!" one reviewer wrote. "My son has soccer practice in the evenings and mosquitos apparently love me. This chair made all the difference. Instead of having to spray myself down and inevitably still being bitten, the netting saved me! I was trying to figure out how to carry the chair back to my car with the netting still surrounding me… sadly, this does not work, but does make for some hilarious moments that embarrass your kid."

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Protection from bugs and the opportunity to embarrass your children? Priceless.