The women are two of 12 Hotdoggers (yes, that’s a real title).

More people have been to space than have driven the Wienermobile, but Molly Swindall (@mayochupmolly on Instagram) and Maggie Thomas (@mustardmags) are among the lucky dogs to have taken the wheel of the 27-foot-long frank.

Maggie Thomas (left) and Molly Swindall in front of the Wienermobile
| Credit: Betsy Cribb

Swindall, who grew up near Atlanta, and Thomas, who is from Tupelo, Mississippi, are spending their year as Hotdoggers—a coveted position in Oscar Mayer's program for recent grads. It's a yearlong, full-time, paid gig that entails driving across the country in the iconic Wienermobile and delivering plenty of smiles (and weenie-related puns) along the way.

"As a child, I actually auditioned for the Wiener jingle commercials. I didn't cut the mustard then," says Swindall. "But frankfully, I cut it this time."

She and Thomas, her partner for the second half of their 12-month commitment, both applied for the program before they graduated, despite believing that the role of "Hotdogger" was too good to be true.

"There's not any other job out that there that exists where every single day you can bring joy and happiness to people and see the country through the windshield of an American icon," notes Swindall.

As for what it takes to land the sought-after position, the duo agrees it's a mix of passion and dependability.

"I think they're looking for outgoing, charismatic people who can connect with anyone," says Swindall.

"You have to be able to live in the moment and have fun," adds Thomas. "And for them to be able to trust you to drive a 27-foot-long hot dog. [So you have to] be trustworthy and have that adventurous spirit."

This spring, the pair will see a good swath of the South, with stops in Birmingham, Alabama (where the Southern Living team met them); Tampa, Florida; and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, among several others.

But of all the experiences afforded them by their time as Hotdoggers, it's the connections Swindall and Thomas have made with Oscar Mayer fans that they relish most.  

"This year, with everything going on, it's such a joy to get to see people and give them something to smile about," says Thomas. "It's really been an honor getting to do that… Sometimes you have to stop and think, 'I can't believe I get paid to do this.'"

Think you've got what it takes to drive the Wienermobile? Apply here by January 31. As for those of us who have missed our opportunity to be Hotdoggers, find out if the Wienermobile is making a pit stop in your hometown or request it for a special event appearance at

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