Meet Timber.

Raccoon in Tree
Credit: David Morris Photography/Getty Images

Ceph Westfelt's home wasn't the only one damaged by the high winds that swept through Kentucky's Laurel County on Monday.

The storm sent a tree crashing into Westfelt's front porch, thankfully missing his kids' bedrooms. He tells WYMT that when he went out to survey the destruction, he was shocked to find that the tree had taken its furry residents with it.

"There was a 'coon! Looking at me, it was peaking up like, 'what just happened?' Because he lost the roof to his house too," recalls Westfelt.

But that wasn't all. The raccoon had a baby with it, which it promptly abandoned, likely due to the stress of the situation. The Westfelts decided to keep the baby raccoon, and gave him the most appropriate name: Timber.

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They told WYMT that they plan to nurse Timber back to health and later take him to a rehabilitation center so he can make his way back to the wild.