She hasn't lost that twinkle in her eye!

By Meghan Overdeep
November 21, 2017
Credit: Nestle

Ann Taylor Cook was about 4 months old in 1927 when family friend, artist Dorothy Hope Smith sketched her portrait. She described it a "simple charcoal sketch of a tousle-haired, bright-eyed cherub of a baby with endearing pursed lips."

Credit: Nestle

The next year, Geber put out a call for submissions for a logo for their new baby products. Smith submitted the sketch of Cook, even though she later admitted she considered it "unfinished." The sweet, simple drawing was selected, and Cook began appearing on Gerber products in 1928. In 1931 it became the popular baby food company's official trademark. Cook was famous, though her identity remained a secret until 40 years later.

Before Cook's identity was revealed, rumors swirled that the baby was everyone from movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Senator Bob Dole. But Cook always knew she was the Gerber baby.

Credit: Nestle

Today Cook lives in Tampa and recently celebrated her 91st birthday. A retired English teacher and aspiring mystery novelist, she's been open about her claim to fame since she went public in 1978.

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"Mrs. Cook's sparkling eyes and adorable, curious baby face still personify the Gerber brand, representing Gerber's commitment to happy, healthy babies all over the world," the company wrote on their website, and we couldn't agree more.