OREO Limited Edition Strawberry Frosted Donut Flavor Are Coming in March

Plus, the Brookie-O OREO with a triple layer of brownie, original OREO creme, and cookie dough creme debuts this week.

Strawberry Frosted Donut OREO
Photo: Nabisco

You know the feeling. It's been a long day. You had a salad for lunch, and maybe for dinner too. It's time to treat yourself to something sweet. When such a craving strikes, sometimes an OREO is the only thing that will do. (Okay, or OREO Cookie balls).

Well, how about satisfying that hankering with a Strawberry Frosted Donut OREO? Come March, you'll be able to indulge in just that with Nabisco's latest limited-edition release of the beloved OREO cookie. Featuring a double layer of pink-colored strawberry creme with rainbow sprinkles and a donut-flavored creme, this vanilla sandwich cookie concoction is going to be tough for sweet tooths to resist. The Strawberry Frosted Donut OREO cookies will be available nationwide wherever OREO cookies are sold (Walmart, Target, etc.). The cookies will only be around while supplies last, so be sure to buy yours as soon as they arrive before they have been gobbled up by fellow OREO enthusiasts.

If you're looking to snack on another special OREO flavor before these roll out, Brookie-O flavored OREO cookies are being distributed nationwide to all major retailers this week. This limited-edition OREO include a whopping triple layers of creme in brownie, original "OREO stuf", and cookie dough flavors wedged between classic OREO cookies. These will also be available for purchase wherever OREO cookies are sold while supplies last.

Brookie-O OREO

We sense an OREO taste test in our near future (that is, if we can tuck away a box of the Brookie-O's to save until the Strawberry Frosted Donut OREO arrives in March). After all those dozens of Christmas cookies we whipped up this season, our cookie cutters and hands could use the break.

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Over the years, we've loved getting the chance to sample many a tasty OREO limited-edition flavor. What's been your favorite to date?

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