Missing Air Travel? You Can Order Your Favorite Airplane Snacks for Home Delivery

We don't know about you, but those in-flight snacks have never looked better.

Airplane Snacks
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We can all admit to missing certain things amid the coronavirus pandemic. Weddings, vacations, birthday parties, eating at restaurants, etc. But, as social distancing and travel restrictions get closer to their third month, a surprising number of Americans have found themselves with a hankering for something truly unexpected: airplane snacks.

Fortunately, Imperfect Foods is here to help. This week, the online surplus-stock grocery delivery company that aims to help eliminate food waste is delivering three-ounce snack packs of mixed cheeses, crackers, and dried cherries from JetBlue Airways for $2.99, according to The Washington Post.

Apparently, the airline's cheese and snack trays were an early casualty of the coronavirus pandemic. JetBlue worked with its purveyor to sell 40,000 unused cheese and snack trays to the grocery delivery company at a heavily discounted price.

"Almost two months ago, before it became a nationwide pandemic, this catering and airplane meal supplier said they saw a decline in economy and business-class seats," Imperfect Foods chief executive Philip Behn told the paper. "This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities. We could only take a fraction of what they had."

JetBlue donated the rest of its leftover snacks to Feeding America as well as local hospitals and organizations throughout the country.

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And JetBlue isn't alone. With inflight snack service on pause across the board, other airlines have found creative ways to offload their excess snacks. Delta Airlines has been donating its Biscoff cookies to front-line workers and United Airlines is encouraging customers to order its in-flight Stroopwafels for home delivery. (Use code FLYAWAY15 for a 15% discount!)

So, go forth and enjoy the fruits of the sky from the comfort and safety of home—no boarding pass required.

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