"Gator on the green."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 18, 2019
Golf Course
Credit: Deklofenak/Getty Images

You've played a round of golf with your friends. Perhaps you've played a round of golf with your colleagues. But have you ever hit the green for a game with an alligator?

In Orange Beach, Alabama at the City of Orange Beach Golf Center, players got to do just that last Thursday, July 11th, when an alligator made an appearance on the course. Johnny Sundie took a video of the strange occurrence, in which the gator saunters contentedly along the green, which was then shared on the City of Orange Beach's Twitter account. Perhaps even stranger is the golfer's apparent lack of concern as he continues to play despite the gator's cameo. Watch the video below.

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What would you do if an alligator crashed your game of golf? We're going to go ahead and put our vote in as "Beelines immediately to clubhouse for a drink."