Turn all those OpenTable points into a vacation.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 18, 2019
Ascent/PKS Media Inc./Getty Images

Make an OpenTable reservation recently? Chances are, you've used the app or website to grab a table when dining out locally or to snag a special dinner reservation for an upcoming vacation. (And by upcoming, we mean that bucket list London trip five months away for which you've already booked a rezzie for that impossible-to-get-into restaurant overlooking the Thames because eating dinner at 4:30PM totally makes sense with the time difference. It just becomes lunch!)

Now, you can turn all those points you rack up from the popular online restaurant booking platform into discounted — or even practically free — hotel rooms with its sister company, KAYAK. Earlier this week, OpenTable announced that Dining Points on the site can now be redeemed for savings from $20 to $200 at 400,000+ hotels listed on KAYAK.

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As your Dining Points increase on OpenTable, so do your potential savings on your next hotel stay. Got 2,000 points sitting in your OpenTable account? That translates into a $40 discount on applicable hotel bookings. 10,000 points? That's $200 in hotel savings.

"OpenTable diners are avid travelers, so we are excited to offer a Dining Reward that will help them save on their next trip," said Steve Hafner, CEO, KAYAK in a company press release. In the same statement, Joseph Essas, Chief Technology Officer, OpenTable, added, "This will be the first of several additional ways that OpenTable users will be able to redeem their Dining Points. We're looking forward to rolling out more options in the near future to further enhance the Dining Rewards program."

The offering is available to US diners with 2,000+ points. To see how many points you have and to redeem them for hotel savings, visit opentable.kayak.com. Watch the video below for an overview of the process or read the tutorial here.

Hmmmm, that last-minute Valentine's Day weekend trip may be doable, after all. Speaking of which, we should probably grab a dinner reservation for that, too...