Order in dinner from the Olive Garden tonight and tack on some wine.
Olive Garden - Confetti Pink Moscato Blend and Seafood Alfredo
Credit: Olive Garden

What's for dinner? If you're still debating the answer for tonight's supper, how does a feast from Olive Garden savored from the comfort of your couch and washed down with a glass of wine and perhaps an episode of Sweet Magnolias sound to you? If you ask us, it sounds pretty superb.

You may not know it, but the Breadstick Maestros sell a collection of wines created just for the restaurant brand, including the recently released Confetti Pink Moscato Blend, which debuted in January of this year. Now, we're pleased to learn you can sip on these vinos along with a satisfying meal from the Olive Garden without having to leave your home. The Orlando, Florida, headquartered restaurant company is currently offering free delivery on orders of $50 or more, including wine by the bottle (in states where it is allowed), as long as you have food included as part of your order. The promotion is available at more than 750 restaurants in 40+ states and a bottle of wine start at $15. Visit OliveGarden.com/alcohol-to-go for more information.

In addition to the newly introduced Moscato blend, other wines made specifically for Olive Garden include Moscato Primo Amore, a refreshing white wine made from Muscat grapes, with a name that translates to "Moscato First Love" from Italian, and Roscato Rosso Dolce, a mildly fizzy northern Italian wine with a vibrant red color and hints of cherry, blackberry, and raspberries.

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For sure, many of us have been cooking at home more than ever amidst the coronavirus crisis. But for those special nights where you feel like treating yourself, we think ordering in from the Olive Garden and enjoying a glass of wine or two sounds like an excellent idea. Who's ready to enjoy some breadsticks with us?